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In Ground Burial Services
Traditional or Green
Traditional Burial Services consist of a lawn or garden plot,
 a burial container(sometimes referred to as a vault,  and a 
interment fee. The following is an explanation of  these items:

Traditional Lawn In-Ground Burial Plots:
Paxtang Cemetery has well over 12,000 available burial plots
on the premises.  (We offer free burial plots to our US Veterans with Honorable Discharge). 
For those who are looking for  something a little different however,  Paxtang Cemetery would like to suggest our Gardens Plots. 

The Garden Plot design is very unique to the Central PA area. Every plot is larger ans touches a 
mulched garden of ornamental trees, perennial flowers and bushes.  This unique design also offers many options for private family estates and larger memorials.  

Outer Burial Containers: This container holds the casket in the ground and protects the casket from the ground caving into it. Paxtang Cemetery requires the use of a cave-proof outer burial container for use in all traditional in-ground burials and cremation in the lawn (Some cremation exceptions apply).    Green Burials however in the Wood's Edge Section does not allow outer burial containers.  Our most highly recommended burial containers are all non-porous polypropylene vaults.  Polypropylene is used in many familiar items such as airplanes, cars, helmets, and pipes due to its great strength and light weight.  

Hercules is our standard air seal, non-porous burial container / vault.  This vault is stronger than concrete vaults (8900 lbs psi) and is non-biodegradable.  The science of this vault design works similar to an upside down glass in water.  Even if the seal broke for some unknown reason, water could not rise up into the container/vault because of the air surrounding the casket.  This vault comes in white or black and can be customized with pictures.

Atlas is our top seal vault.  It is also a non-porous vault and is again stronger (12,100 psi) than competing concrete vaults. The Atlas vault has a liner to offer the added protection from the elements that many families desire.  This vault can come in white or black and can be customized with pictures.  

Interment Fee is for the following: burial equipment, opening & closing of ground, lawn maintenance and repair, and attendant.

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