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Experience has shown that placing cremated remains in a 
cemetery provides peace of mind by establishing a “final 
resting place” and a place of historical record.  Although the
scattering of ashes is a romantic notion, we have found that 
many regrets surface later from having no defined physical 
place to go and pay your respects.   Therefore, we strongly 
recommend a permanent place of rest and memorialization.  
Our Serenity Garden offers our Columbarium Niches, 
Ossuary Scattering and Niche, Green Burial Garden, 
and cremation memorials such as Cremation Boulders and Cremation Benches, all in our beautiful gardens.  

The Serenity Columbarium:  The columbarium is a smaller above-ground crypt, designed to hold an urn of cremated remains.  Two people can be interred in a companion niche complete with bronze memorial plaque for less than the cost of one in-ground burial without a memorial marker.

The Ossuary is designed for the placement of your loved one’s cremated remains in a beautiful garden at a significantly low price and includes a bronze memorial plaque. No permanent urn or vault is required. The Ossuary also offers a shared niche option (All urns provided for this niche).  

The Green Burial alternative is in our  Ashes to Ashes Garden.  Using a "green" urn and interred into one of our beautiful flower beds with multiple nature-friendly memorialization options.  

The Cremorial is an in-ground burial section located in the Serenity Garden.  It is designed for the burial of cremated remains in an in-ground niche.  Our Cremorials are flush bronze memorials with an urn insert on a granite base.   (No other permanent urn or vault required).

Cremation Boulders and Cremation Benches can be used for above-ground  inurnments or just as a final tribute to a Life.  We have a vast range of memorial options ranging from $280 to $3500.  Even if your loved one is not interred in this cemetery, you can still honor them here.  We have several options available which include putting your loved one’s name on a bench or a boulder, on the wall, or on a plaque near a tree planted in their honor. 

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