490 N. Paxtang Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17111
Designed to hold forever in sacred memory the name it bears. 

No matter what kind of tribute you want to create, we can 
help ...every life deserves a memorial.  None of us would be 
here without the previous generation.  And the next 
generations would not be here without us. 

 A permanent tribute to a life lived ties us to the past...and gives us the springboard to our future.  If we can help you create a meaningful tribute...for yourself or a loved one, please let us know.  It would be our privilege; we are here to serve.

Special Tribute Memorials:

A)  We offer unique tributes such as Butterfly or Dove Releases.  
B) Paxtang Cemetery also offers a variety of special memorial options by endowing benches, trees, shrubs or flower beds. These memorial contributions are recognized by a plaque with the name and dates of the deceased (who does not have to be buried in our cemetery). You may endow a special memorial for a limited time period (10, 20, or 50 years, which can be renewed) by making a contribution to our Permanent Care Fund. Proceeds from the fund go toward the care, preservation and improvement of Paxtang Cemetery.
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Memorials: Paxtang Cemetery has been erecting memorials, 
both granite and bronze, for well over 100 years. Our memorials are made of the finest quality granite (from all over the world) or bronze, free from defects and the top quality memorial which you desire. 

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QR CODES FOR YOUR MONUMENT: Have you ever wanted to say more about your loved one than what can fit on a monument or marker?
Now you can, thanks to smartphone technology. You can embed photos, videos and even a Web site on a monument to tell the story of your loved one's life by using a QR code like the one shown to the left. The contents of a QR code can be uploaded by anyone using a smartphone. A QR code is also something to think about when it comes to pre-planning. Talk to us here at Paxtang Cemetery about how a QR code can enhance a lasting final tribute to your loved one.