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Why Paxtang
Why Choose Paxtang Cemetery?
In July of 2006, The Skinner Family purchased 
Paxtang Cemetery, established a full-time sales staff and 
expanded the burial merchandise and services for our
families.  Besides the beautiful grounds, excellent service 
and quality product offerings, why should you purchase burial 
merchandise and services from Paxtang Cemetery?

First, proceeds from these sales go directly back into the cemetery.  When you visit the grounds and gardens where your loved ones are at rest, we hope you realize that the exceptional beauty does not come without great cost.  Such pristine maintenance is not achieved by the limited income received from the perpetual care funds but rather, by our efforts to seek additional sources of revenue.  When you buy your Vaults, Monument/Memorials, Cremation products, etc. from Paxtang, the proceeds go directly into the upkeep of YOUR cemetery!  So, when we ask you to purchase your burial items from us, it’s because we must rely on you, the lot owners, if we are to maintain Paxtang Cemetery for tomorrow.
Will my funeral director be mad at me?

Every family feels that their local funeral director is more of a friend than a business person, because he is there for you in your time of need.  And, without question, they are fine professionals who perform a very valuable service.  However, after the few days of service, the funeral director no longer has any financial responsibility to serve you.  Not so with Paxtang Cemetery!  Our financial commitment to provide maintenance to you extends far beyond 3 days- it’s day after day—into months—into years—it’s never ending!  So, really, shouldn’t you be more concerned about the financial solvency of your cemetery?  You have a vested interest in keeping Paxtang Cemetery financially healthy.
Look throughout our Web site to see all the products and services that we have to offer here at Paxtang Cemetery.

We offer many options at various price points. We also offer financing options that are within your budget. Come and visit us. Experience first-hand the beauty of Paxtang Cemetery and see what makes our service so special.  
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