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Paxtang Cemetery is a beautiful place, but it's people are what makes it great!

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Historical Paxtang Cemetery was established in 1898 on what used to be the Thomas Rutherford Farm on Paxtang Ave. There are thirty-three beautiful acres of rolling hills, gentle slopes and level lands.  Twelve wooded acres are dedicated to the Green Burial area called The Wood's Edge.  The property adjoins the Capital Area Greenbelt on the west side and Paxtang Ave. on the East Side.
   There have been close to 12,000 interments in the cemetery over the last 120 years and lots of room for future expansion for another 120 years. 
   Since 2006 Paxtang Cemetery has been a family-owned and operated company. It is unique to the area with its beautiful perennial gardens located throughout and a breathtaking view of three neighboring mountainsides from the summit. It is also the only green burial certified cemetery in Central Pennsylvania where every burial takes part in restoration of our PA native forest.
   Chapel Services are held in the Paxtang Mausoleum, an architectural marvel of granite, marble and stained glass windows. There are over 600 crypts inside with only 4 remaining available. Our new cremation garden, "Serenity" is at the foremost south east side of the property It is graced with paved walkways, stone walls, beautiful landscaping, and benches. There are more than seven different cremation interment options to fit a wide range of budgets.
 Paxtang Cemetery is blessed with beautiful and natural surroundings that are unlike any other cemetery in Central Pennsylvania;  managed by a 10-year plan to continue to enhance this beautiful park with yet more gardens and other projects to meet the diverse needs of our families.  Come and visit and see what makes Paxtang Cemetery so special.
How 'Green Burials' Can Help the Environment and Your Wallet
By M. Diane McCormick

— It was the moment when Todd Wallace’s parents committed to green burial. They had always loved the deer wandering in their backyard, and when Wallace took his parents to see his plots at Paxtang Cemetery’s green burial section, deer came through the wooded setting. “My parents were really excited,” Wallace says. “They decided it made sense for them, too.” As Lucy and Victor Wallace learned, green burials go easy on the earth, dispensing with the resource-consuming elements of traditional funerals ... (Continue to read)